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Albert J. Kooistra, PhD

Co-Founder & CTO

Albert J. Kooistra is a group leader in Data Science for Drug Design at the University of Copenhagen (Denmark), where he also heads the Data and Computing Facility. His research group focuses on developing and applying cutting-edge and data-driven technologies to ultimately advance the development of new therapeutics. He has deep expertise in structural bioinformatics, cheminformatics, computer-aided drug discovery & design, database development and applying machine learning/AI approaches. Albert is also the founder and developer of KLIFS, a structural kinase database that is widely used by >1500 researchers/month for kinase research and was the lead developer of world-renowned research database GPCRdb for several years (>6000 researchers/month). He moreover developed one of the world’s most accurate structure-based virtual screening methods against G-protein coupled receptors to-date (experimentally validated) and has developed several open source and open science databases.


Albert J. Kooistra, PhD
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