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Violet Zahedi, MD

Co-Founder & CEO

Violet, CEO and Co-Founder of Synamics, is a medical doctor with a deep focus on oncology and hematology. Her rich experience spans clinical practice, research, and the pharmaceutical industry, grounding Synamics' drug discovery in a patient-first approach to address real-world cancer treatment challenges such as side effects and drug resistance.

Her broad understanding of the drug development process, from research to post-market, enables strategic foresight in identifying and mitigating risks early on. Violet has held pivotal roles in the pharmaceutical industry, where she ensured patient safety in clinical trials as a safety physician and led global teams as a medical manager, overseeing trial execution and strategy.

Violet has also been instrumental in scientific communication, leading efforts to publish research findings and collaborate with key opinion leaders. Her ability to blend scientific expertise with commercial strategy is critical to strengthen Synamics' position in the market, enhancing its drug portfolio's competitiveness.

In summary, Violet's leadership at Synamics is marked by her comprehensive industry experience, strategic approach to drug discovery, and commitment to bridging early research and clinical insight with commercial success and positive impact for patients.


Violet Zahedi, MD
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